Characters of Club Penguin

•Famous Penguins


Aunt Arctic is the news reporter for the well-known newspaper in Club Penguin, The Penguin Times. She is responsible for keeping all penguins around the island to be informed about the daily news. She is such a skillful writer that she even has her own column, where she makes it her duty to answer any troubling questions her fellow citizens might have. Her section of The Penguin Times is entitled Ask Aunt Arctic. She does not waddle around Club Penguin.

 Aunt Arctic Imposter

Once a very sucessful penguin imposter of Aunt Arctic going by the name of “Aunt Artic” logged on to the Mammoth server but was reported by multiple penguins.

 Ask Aunt Arctic Secret

In the Ask Aunt Arctic column of The Penguin Times, there is a small picture of Aunt Arctic. It has also a rumor that aunt arctic is the head of the psa because if you hover your mouse over her eyeglasses, and they will turn black just like sunglasses that agents wear!

 Aunt Arctic’s Name

Aunt Arctic is a play on words. Club Penguin resembles the Antarctic, and Aunt Arctic has it’s name.

 Aunt Arctic.coped words and pics from cp wiki.


Rockhopper is a wealthy pirate penguin that sometimes sails to Club Penguin via the Migrator (usually about every two months or so) accompanied by his red puffle, Yarr. His ship always stays at the Beach. He keeps a journal of his adventures, and sells rare items from Rockhopper Island. When he comes to Club Penguin, in the Pirate Catalog, he always gives away a free item. You can sometimes see Rockhopper in random places in random servers when he lands on Club Penguin. Players can receive a free gift from Rockhopper from his player card. Rockhopper is named after the Southern Rockhopper Penguin. Some penguins use CP Trainer to hack Rockhopper’s account.

First Launch

  • On the 7 of March 2005, Rockhopper finished building his ship, the Migrator and started his adventures.
  • On the 13 of October 2006, Rockhopper came back to Club Penguin. He visited the Lighthouse, played a few games and danced at the Night Club.

Red puffles introduction


  • Rockhopper has written a book, “Rockhopper and the Stowaway“. This story originally came to Club Penguin as a message in a bottle at the Beach. Players can read this book in the Library. Bambadee was introduced to the world here.

New Room

  • On April 27, Rockhopper came back. The Migrator was decorated for this, and he brought along new items. Also, the Migrator had a new room, the Ship Hold, where the new items were sold.

Mystery of the Boxes

  • One day, Rockhopper landed on Club Penguin with several boxes. He gave no hint of their contents and placed them in the Lighthouse. It was not until penguins accidentally broke one of the boxes that they learned he was preparing a massive carnival party, known today as the Fall Fair.

Save The Migrator project

  • Rockhopper was spotted on January 17, 2008 and it appears the Migrator was hit by an iceberg and his ship is slowly sinking. Rockhopper and Yarr were fine.
  • On January 23, 2008 Rockhopper’s rowboat arrived at the beach.
  • On Friday, February 1, 2008, Rockhopper began his journey home in his rowboat. Players could watch him rowing by looking through the telescope at the top of the Lighthouse. Also, a booth appeared on the beach with a sign that says, “Save the Migrator”. It had a map of the island and the crash site spot marked with an X.
  • Sometime around February 2008 there was a tool box on the Save The Migrator booth, and that was to build Rockhopper’s new ship. And on March 28, 2008 the ship was almost finished and there was a sink on the save the Migrator booth. As of now Rockhopper is coming due to Gary the Gadget Guy‘s new invention, the Flare Flinger 3000. You could see him coming toward Club Penguin at the top of the Lighthouse.

Party and new rooms

  • On the 25 of April 2008, Rockhopper and Yarr had a celebration party and they opened the Crow’s Nest.
  • The Key lets you go into the Captain’s Quarters when the Migrator is docked on the Beach. It also doubles as a nifty pin.

Summer Events

  • In June 2008, Rockhopper’s ship was seen in the Telescope, coming back to the island.
  • He docked on June 27, 2008 and brought with him a Grey Pirate Coat, Pirate Dress, Flamingo furniture item, Stuffed Parrot free item, and Ship-in-a-bottle furniture item.


See Rockhopper sightings


  • Rockhopper’s favorite beverage is Cream Soda, because there is a few barrels of them in the Ship Hold and on Club Penguin during his pirate parties. He has also been quoted as saying “Arrgh! Cream Soda be the drink for me.”
  • It is rumored that Rockhopper will have a female companion with him named Miss Hopper. She may be his daughter or wife. And there is another one named Peggy Hopper. She is peach and has a red bandana.
  • Note that in his player card there is no “make friend” button (instead there is a winking button which if you click on you get a background), “report” button, or “find friend” button. If you click on the “Go to house” button, it goes to the Migrator. Rockhopper's player card


Gary the Gadget Guy (more formally known as Secret Agent G) is Club Penguin‘s inventor and scientist and the owner of the Sport Shop. He likes wearing a white lab coat, and enjoys eating fish dish pizza, cheese pizza, and a combination of icing, sugar, hot sauce, jelly beans, and fish pizza. He is almost always seen drinking coffee. It’s rumored that fine-tuning the coffee machine to play music while it brewed was one of his first projects.

 Gary’s inventions

See List of Gary’s Inventions

Gary has been making inventions since the first day of Club Penguin. Some of his inventions are around the island for normal penguins, but most were put in the Gadget Room, like the Test Chamber and the Crab Translator 3000.

 Gary’s secret

Gary is most likely the founder/leader of the P.S.A.. His role is somewhat close of what is Q’s from the James Bond movies. He is the genius behind most of the inventions in Club Penguin, and appears in all of the Secret Agent missions. Gary the Gadget Guy.

•Other Penguins


Bambadee is a stowaway that Rockhopper found on his ship after coming home from Club Penguin. Bambadee wears a friendship bracelet which he made himself; this item was soon released as a free item when the Library was added in the Book Room. Bambadee had snuck onto the Migrator because the penguins at Club Penguin were teasing him because they were jealous of his bracelet.

 Bambadee Imposters

There is a rumour stating that his user name was “Bambadee 66”, but this is false. This is because, like Rockhopper, he was the first to obtain that name. Therefore, Bambadee’s on-screen name is simply “Bambadee”. He does not waddle around Club Penguin like Rockhopper. There are a few imposters of Bamabadee. Most of them are not hackers, though some are. Bambadee lost in thought.


Beta Testers are penguins that signed up for Club Penguin while it was in Beta version. It was their job to test that version for any bugs or glitches and report them to the Club Penguin team so they could be fixed. When Club Penguin was publiclly launched, the team held a party to thank Beta Testers, in which the yellow and pink party hat was given out in the Town. Beta testers usually wear this hat as it shows that they are a beta tester. Most Penguins are dying to be friends with a beta tester. They are pretty much worshiped in Club Penguin. Most beta testers have names like “fano” or “JaMeS” that have a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters. Although, when Club Penguin launched the CPIP test server, the names were changed so “fano” is now “Fano” and “JaMeS” is now “James.   The Beta Test hat.


Dancing Penguin is a brown penguin. He likes to dance and to play Sled Racing. He appears in most Secret Missions and he gives you a card at the end of the third missionDancing Penguin. 


Rookie is the public relations officer for the PSA. He is a green penguin wearing a red propeller cap and red sunglasses. He appears in the Secret Missions #3 and #7. Very little is known about him.


  • In Clockwork Repairs, he gives you a piece of paper with his illustration of the Clock Tower‘s Prime Gear on it.
  • In Clockwork Repairs, Rookie is also wearing a messenger bag. Rookie.


Rory is a famous construction worker in Club Penguin. He is an orange penguin that wears a construction jacket and a hard hat.

[edit] Motto

“Rory’s my name, and construction’s my game”

[edit] Apperances



Herbert P. Bear (Species: Ursus maritimus, or more commonly known as the Polar Bear) is the main enemy in the Secret Missions, and causes the events of Mission 3 onwards. He is not a penguin and, oddly enough, he hates the cold and is a vegetarian. He and a crime in crime, a crab (Clubpenguinus crabus) named Klutzy. Together they vandalized several rooms like the Pizza Parlor, the Coffee Shop, the Night Club, the Gift Shop, the Boiler Room, and many more to come. He has been considered Club Penguin’s only “true” villain, and is listed as the one of the two Suspects at Large in The F.I.S.H..


Herbert was born in the Arctic Circle, but he hated the cold. He wanted to head south to somewhere warm. He traveled on a small iceberg, but the ocean currents carried him all the way to Club Penguin. He tried to paddle away from Club Penguin since it was covered in snow, but he tipped his iceberg (in the mission where you are introduced to Herbert one of the speaking options is “Hold on a second. You tipped your iceberg? May I ask how you did that?” Herbert replied saying he didn’t know and that icebergs aren’t supposed to tip.) Herbert was unable to swim, and he was rescued by a crab named Klutzy, who he soon befriended.

He soon grew to despise penguins. Klutzy was caught but he got away in the Questions for a Crab mission. In the sixth mission, Herbert, along with Klutzy, try to destroy the Ski Lodge. In that mission, you stop him. However, he still escapes. Also in Mission 6, he tells you his story about his life. If you click on the letter in G’s pocket in the newspaper (April 10, 2008 edition) and you turn all the puffles black then you will see a letter Herbert has written to you saying that “time” is about to run out, resulting in mission 7 in which he makes the clock malfunction by taking out certain parts of it, including the main gear. He also steals your Spy Phone when he traps you in a cage (the cage is in a cave that him and Klutzy live in. You used that same cave for shelter in Mission #2). G gives you a new one when you complete the mission. In Mission 8 he creates a drill and tries to take the boiler from the boiler room, damaging the Gift Shop along the way. Eventually, he gets caught and accidentally damages the boiler. Then he runs off and gets lost in his own tunnels. He is currently lost beneath Club Penguin. His ultimate plan in Club Penguin is to terroize all penguins’ lifes and finally use the resources on Club Penguin (not including trees but buildings, inventions, etc.) to be warm.

Most of the missions are about this Polar Bear named Herbert trying to destroy Club Penguin. So now the missions are to stop him! He has been in Missions 3 – 8 so far. These are how we found out he was in the missions:

  • Mission 3 – At the Rooftop of the Gift Shop, on the drain there is fur that came from Herbert the Polar Bear.
  • Mission 4 – At the Ski Village, on the floor there is fur near the belt-less Cable-Chair.
  • Mission 5 – The fur that G gave you to analyze that was with 3 stain-marks on the fur and the last part of the mission’s fur that a shadow left was Herbert’s.
  • Mission 6 – The Polar Bear locks you in a cage.
  • Mission 7 – He makes the Clock Tower malfunction by taking out certain parts of it, including the main gear that makes it work.
  • Mission 8 – He causes several earthquakes. Herbert P. Bear in all his wretched glory..Herbert and Klutzy.The Fur Scanner showing the Polar Bear.Official Info Page.


Klutzy (Species: Clubpenguinus crabus a.k.a. Club Penguin Crab) is a cute crab that saves the Herbert P. Bear from drowning.


Under unknown circunstances, Klutzy became friends with the Polar Bear and they both vandalize the Coffee Shop and the Pizza Parlor. Klutzy is on the back of the Polar Bear in Secret Mission 5 so the Polar Bear looks like a “large, furry mutant crab”. Klutzy is captured while the Polar Bear escapes. Then G tries to question Klutzy, but Klutzy escapes back to Herbert (the Polar Bear).

Then the both attempt to destroy the Ski Lodge for wood, but a Secret Agent stops them. They fall in a lake, but escape.

In the Secret Mission #7 Herbert was seen taking the Prime Gear from the Clock Towerand Klutzy was seen taking the target through the PSA 24 Screen Moniter System.

They were last seen getting lost in a series of tunnels below the Town and Dock.


  • Klutzy has been considered adorable and cute by some penguins. Also referenced in Mission #6 as a “funny little guy”.
  • At the 2008 Water Party between different times Klutzy would appear in the Mine or the Pool walking around.
  • He might be the crab in the game Ice Fishing in the Ski Lodge, and also the the crab that made the window crack in the Cave. Klutzy.


Sanity Penguin (Sanity 1) is a master hacker of Club Penguin. He is the inventor of CP Trainer. He/she has a site which can be found here that gives tips on how to hack the game, get unlimited coins, and other sinister ideas. He is sometimes credited as inventor of the Club Penguin War, as he was the first to blog about it. If there was a Top 10 Most Wanted List of Club Penguin, he would most likely be on the top. He uses “Sanity 1” as his penguin account because “Sanity Penguin” was too long of a name. He once tried to threaten the Club Penguin Wiki, you can see the results here. They’re a laugh riot!


Sanity Penguin has tons of things, and is believed to be the starter of the Club Penguin hacking “craze”. Below are some hacks:

  • Unbanning himself. He once said “I don’t think the moderators can ban Sanity Penguin.”
  • Becoming a Moderator.
  • Hacking into the moderator site, which is where the CP staff discuss their upcoming events.
  • Trickery. He started the false myth that said if you stood still for thirty minutes in the Dojo, you could become a Ninja.


Where Is He Now?

His site has not been updated since January of 2006. No one knows what happened to this criminal, but there are some ideas…


  • Sanity penguin may have been arrested for hacking a copyrighted site. There is a chance he was sent to jail for one year or he had to pay a fine of $500.
  • The Club Penguin Team may have found a way to ban him.
  • He could’ve been hacked back by Club Penguin to ban his and any other account he has been bad on for good.
  • He could just be plotting and bidding his time for his next ‘phase’ of activity. So be prepared…
  • His PC could have been taken, as well as his rights of internet, due to Phishing (international) laws, also due to several amendments to the patriot’s act. Sanity1, his penguin



Crabs (Clubpenguinus crabus) are a creature seen rarely in Club Penguin except for the Underground Pool and the game Ice Fishing, along with the Secret Missions #5, #6 and #7. The most notable of these is Klutzy. Like puffles and fish, they are part of the Club Penguin wildlife. The crabs in the game Ice Fishing crawl upsidedown on the ice, and they are underwater. Those crabs try to steal your fishing bait (worm).

Crabs do not appear to be overly aggressive, although they seem to use their pincers to attack objects.

Sometimes at the Cave, you will see a crab creep by in the windows.

When a storm was nearing Club Penguin around Summer 2007, the window of the Cave was broken by the crab and had a leak. In the end, Club Penguin had a Water Party which drained all the water.

During the 2007 Halloween Party, the crab could be seen holding a “Trick or Treat” sign.Klutzy is Herbert‘s sidekick from the secret missions. Klutzy was last seen escaping from the Boiler Room with Herbert in Secret Mission #8, Mysterious Tremors, and was once seen not in a mission, but in the Mine during the Water Party of 2008. A crab.The infamous Pool Crab.The crab holding a sign for the 2007 Halloween Party.


Fluffy the Fish is a reccuring character in games, missions, rooms and others. His name is only mentioned in the first Penguin Style catalog, however.


  • In the back of the first Penguin Style in an advertisement. The ad read:
    • HAVE YOU SEEN ME? Lost: One fish. Answers to the name ‘Fluffy’. If found, please return to Zippo Penguin at 2993 West Iceberg Lane..
  • In the Lighthouse, in a picture on the wall. His name is under this picture as well.
  • As a structure concept for the Clock Tower in The Penguin Times #71.
  • Engraved on the bottom of the Grandfather Clock furniture item.
  • In The Twelfth Fish, as a prop, and as a character.
  • Thrown out of the truck in Bean Counters.
  • Main fish in Ice Fishing.
  • Has appeared in various editions of The Penguin Times.
  • On the Club Penguin coin.
  • In the Fridge and BBQ furniture items.
  • In the cooler in the Lighthouse.
"The Fish Clock."

“The Fish Clock.”

A mulletFluffy the Fish.


Grey Fish are a type of fish found in Club Penguin. They are worth more than a yellow fish but can be harder to catch.


Member penguins can catch them using the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod in the Snow and Sports catalog. They hover in the water before darting to the other side away from the bait. If you hold the bait at the top of the screen, the Grey Fish should dart underneath. Catch it by putting your mouse near the bottom of the screen as soon as he darts.


The Grey Fish in Pizzatron 3000.

The Grey Fish in Pizzatron 3000.

Grey Fish


The Mullet is a large red fish seen in Aqua Grabber, on the wall in the Ski Lodge, as a piece of Igloo furniture, on a large dining table, and at the end of Ice Fishing.

To catch a mullet at the end of Ice Fishing, bait it with a yellow fish. A mullet.


Sharks are a part of the Club Penguin wildlife. They appear in the minigames Ice Fishing, Jet Pack Adventure and Hydro Hopper.


Sharks appear to be aggresive and will attack Penguins and Worms if they get close enough.



Penguins are the main concept of Club Penguin. Along with Puffles, they conform the 2 main species of the game. New penguins are “produced” or “made” whenever a player creates an account. Penguins are technologically more developed than Puffles, since they live in large towns, have got many architectural structures throughout the land, and seem to be the dominant species over the frosty location.

Penguins are divided into 2 main groups: members and non-members. Members are those which have payed money in real life in order to gain membership and, henceforth, aquire or unlock several new features in their game-play; whilst non-members, which conform the vast majority of the game, have access to basic or common features.

Penguins come in multiple colors and have got varied clothing, especially when it comes to members. This also applies to their igloos, since members may have access to varied architectural types of homes and furniture.

Penguins have been shown to be similar to humans in that they have currency, homes, clothing, electronics, and other objects proving advancement. A typical Club Penguin penguin compared side by side with a real one.


A Puffle (Moschomicrotherium pufflei) is a small, furry creature that can be purchased at the Pet Shop. Puffles were discovered on November 2005. Although, they do not exist in real life like penguins do. If Puffles are not properly taken care of, they will get sad and run away.

Puffles appear as cute, small balls of fluff, and there are a variety of colours to choose from. Members may adopt up to 14 puffles of any kind, while non-members are restricted to only 2 (blue and red). If you become a member, buy a few puffles, and then become non-member, you get to keep your puffles. Puffles at play.


A captured puffle.

A captured puffle.

In November 2005, a ball of fluff was spotted at the Snow Forts. Penguins named the fluffy animals ‘puffles’ and they rounded the puffles up near the Snow Forts during Club Penguin’s first Christmas Party. On St Patrick’s Day of 2006, all the penguins were able to adopt puffles of their own for their first time. The first red puffle was discovered by Rockhopper. The first yellow puffle was discovered in the Halloween Party 2007 at the Forest and the Mountain.


See Adopting and Caring for Your Puffle and Love your Pet
A puffle eating Puffle-O's.

A puffle eating Puffle-O’s.

A puffle ran away.

A puffle ran away.

When a player clicks on a Puffle, a box similar to a player card shows up, giving options for how to interact with the Puffle. It also shows 4 buttons – one for health, energy, hunger, and walking. Caring for a Puffle involves these (but not all of these) procedures:

  • Feeding it. Puffles can be fed bubble gum, a cookie, or Puffle-O’s. Puffle-O’s are the most nutritious food.
  • Bathing it.
  • Playing with it.
  • Allowing it to sleep.
  • Walking it.

The fastest known method of completely filling all meters shown on your Puffle’s status screen is to first bathe it and then feed it Puffle-O’s immediately afterward. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive method.

Types of Puffles

All Puffles are at a cost of 800 coins per puffle. The blue and red puffles are special. Only the blue and red Puffles can be bought by everyone. Every other puffle you must be a member to purchase. However, the red Puffle was brought with Rockhopper on his second visit. Here is some info on puffles:

Blue Puffle

Blue Puffle

Blue Puffle

Attitude: Mild-tempered, content, and loyal.

Favourite toy: Beach Ball.

Special Features: Easy to take care of.

Red Puffle

Red Puffle.

Red Puffle.

Attitude: Adventurous, enthusiastic.

Favourite toys: Bowling Pins, Cannon.

Special features: Originally from Rockhopper Island.

Pink Puffle

Pink Puffle

Pink Puffle

Attitude: Active, cheery.

Favourite toys: Jump Rope, Trampoline.

Special features: Loves to exercise.

Black Puffle

Black Puffle

Black Puffle

Attitude:Strong, silent type.

Favourite toy: Skateboard, Fireball.

Special features: Sometimes very energetic.

Green Puffle

Green Puffle

Green Puffle

Attitude: Energetic, playful.

Favourite toys: Unicycle and Propeller Cap.

Special features: Likes to clown around.

Purple Puffle

Purple Puffle

Purple Puffle

Attitude: Usually always happy.

Favourite toys: Bubble wand and disco ball.

Special features: Loves to dance and is a finicky eater.

Yellow Puffle

Yellow Puffle

Yellow Puffle

Attitude: Artistic, spontaneous, happy.

Favourite toys: Paintbrush, easel, movie camera.

Special features: Very creative, dreamer.

Famous Puffles




See Yarr.

Yarr is Rockhopper‘s red puffle. Yarr can be seen atop the mast of the Migrator. Yarr was named so because he always responded to Rockhopper when he shouted “yarr”. Yarr is the most popular puffle in Club Penguin.

Keeper of the Boiler Room

The Keeper of the Boiler Room.

The Keeper of the Boiler Room.

See Keeper of the Boiler Room.

According to the Library book “Truth or Dare”, which is found in the Book Room, the green puffle dancing on the speaker in the Night Club was the long-lost “Keeper” of the Boiler Room. If you look on the book cover on the book you can see him. Apart from this, the puffle was also seen playing with the puck in the Ice Rink in mid-July. Penguins (especially DJs) think it was going away because the Dance Club is having a construction for the Music Jam 2008. For picture of the green puffle playing with the puck, please see Ice Rink.

Unnamed famous puffles

  • Most unnamed puffles is a wild puffle.
  • Aunt Arctic has a green, purple, black, blue and pink puffle. The puffles are not well-known by non-secret agents since Aunt Arctic never appeared in the real Club Penguin.
  • An unnamed black puffle that follows you in Secret Missions #2 and #6 when you give him ‘O’ Berrys. At the end of the mission #6, a burning red ball (which is that black puffle) appears in the sky flying.
  • A yellow puffle that lives at The Stage. It can also be called the “Keeper of the Stage”. He randomly appears when you click a puffle mask (on the rafters) or click a button on the Switchbox 3000. He also appears in the Secret Mission #7.
  • An unnamed green puffle also appears in the Secret Mission #8. When it is given a cookie, it will fly just like a normal green puffle.


Rainbow Puffle

Rainbow Puffle

  • Rainbow Puffles are a rumored type of puffle in the game.
  • Yellow puffles were once a rumor in Club Penguin. The rumour was started when the Library book, Penguin Tales 2007, was released. It included a story known as “The Legend of the Golden Puffle”, which sparked the controversy. As of November 30th, Yellow Puffles are now adoptable in the Pet Shop, but only members can get them. To see the history of the yellow puffle, go here.

Game Appearances


  • Red puffles are probably the main species in Rockhopper Island.
  • If you give an ‘O’ Berry to a black puffle, he will burn and turn red. Also, spicy ‘O’ Berries have been proven as a dangerous combination. You can do it in the Secret Mission #6.


Jellyfish are creatures that appear in the game Ice Fishing. They are a part of Club Penguin‘s wildlife. Jellyfish arrive first of the hazardous creature in Ice Fishing.

In Ice Fishing, if your fishing line touches the jellyfish, it will zap your line and cause you to lose your worm.

[edit] Trivia

The Jellyfish Pin.

The Jellyfish Pin.

  • Once, there was a jellyfish pin. A Jellyfish.


Worms are the bait used in Ice Fishing. Worms are only found in the Ice Fishing game. If you’re not careful a jellyfish could shock your line, causing you drop the worm. Also a crab can pinch the line and make your bait fall. A shark can eat it. You can also get another worm if it floats by in a can.A worm.A can of worms.


Starfish are star-shaped animals in Club Penguin strongly resembling real starfishes. The are part of the Club Penguin wildlife.



Pine trees are a kind of flora in Club Penguin, along with seaweed. They are basically evergreen trees covered with a bit of snow. Many of the pine trees are located in the Forest. There are also many pine trees in the Wilderness (only accessable through some Secret Missions).   The Forest, which is full of pine trees.


Seaweeds are a type of flora of Club Penguin. They are seen in Aqua Grabber (underwater) and in Pizzatron 3000 to make vegetarian pizzas.



Billy Bob

Billybob is a well-known Club Penguin moderator, who often posts news on the official Club Penguin website. One of his test accounts is Mace, who is often on the Mammoth Server. Billybob’s real name is David Krysko. He updates the Club Penguin blog.


Gizmo is one of the moderators. He is usually active on Altitude server. He is in charge of the parties, parades and fun events around Club Penguin. Gizmo came to Club Penguin on December 29 2005. His test account is “Vader2006″”. He is usually active on the Frozen server.

Interview with “Gizmo” On his test account “Vader2006”

Q: What’s your favorite CP activity? A: When I get on I usually talk to my friends or play Cart Surfer.

Q: Do you like CP? A: Oh, Very much! I hope all of you guys do to!

Q: Do you usually go on “Gizmo”? A: Not really, But If I do go on, I’ll be happy to meet you.

Q: Will you add people on “Vader2006”? A: Of course! Just ask me and I’ll be happy to Add you!


Happy77 is a Club Penguin Moderator. She is shown on the mini video seen on the official Club Penguin website. Many think she is not real, but is. The proof is on the August 2005 developer blog. On Penguin Chat 3 she was seen at least once as a snail.  Happy77 submitted this poem.Happy77 in Penguin Chat 3.


Maxlowe is a moderator who works for Club Penguin. Since moderators cannot have the standard chat mode, only ultimate safe mode, Maxlowe often goes on as “Ferrari2005.”


Rsnail, also known as RocketSnail, is a moderator on Club Penguin. He is the creator of the website. He used to have his own site with games made by him and his team but was shut down due to not enough donating. His logo was a snail strapped to a rocket.

Rsnail’s real name is Lane Merrifield. He is married. And according to rumours has three children.


Screenhog's player card as of 28-8-07

Screenhog’s player card as of 28-8-07

Screenhog is a moderator. He is the graphic designer. He is shown on the Developer Blog working on a computer. His site is here.

Screenhog interview posted on the official Club Penguin Blog on February 14, 2008:

What’s you favorite outfit to wear in Club Penguin?

  • Screenhog: I change outfits too much to have a favorite one. But I really like the musical instruments and the hard hat!

What’s your favorite activity in Club Penguin?

  • Screenhog: I’d have to say the mini-games are my favorite. Out of all the games, Astro-Barrier and Jet Pack Adventure are the best, in my opinion.

Can other penguins meet you online?

  • Screenhog: I’m usually playing mini-games when I go online, but if you do run into me, I’d be happy to meet you.



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